My FAME Stage

Fitness Ambassadors Mastering Empowerment

The Objective:  

Bringing health to fitness... reality to dreams...freedom to living.

Providing pathways and platforms to help people experience themselves bodyproud and moneyproud in new and exciting ways. 

A social initiative 
fueled by teams of passionate key influencers acting as ambassadors of change in their own lives and choosing to make a difference in the lives of others.

Serving Others:

intention is to help U achieve your bodyproud goals and life dreams so that U can pass on the formula to help others achieve their goals and dreams too.  And in doing so, you're who helps the social initiative achieve its goals and dreams.   

Win-win-win all around. 

This is accomplished by: 

  • fostering a culture of sharing and caring:
    where we are all ONE helping each other achieve dreams, evolve and grow.

  • forums to help u promote YOU as your brand:
    featuring your message, your heart, your passion, your story, your dreams, your why.

  • proven duplicatable systems to help those who opt in to earn life-changing residuals, cash, recognition and rewards. 

  • goal-setting pathways that encourage people to master their empowerment / boost confidence / feel good / overcome fears or self-perceived limitations to achieve what  their heart truly desires

  • featuring products / services that well nourish the body and nurture the mind, heart, spirit while helping to kickstart / initiate / maintain bodyproud and moneyproud lifestyle progressions

  • Entities to help those who take lead inspire even more people:
    TV, magazine, stage events and online spotlights

  • regular educational / informational / motivational calls, audios, videos, live texts, posts and support for personal and professional development

  • pairing those who opt in with personal support network:
    Accountability Partner / Coach / BodyPROUD or MoneyPROUD Ambassador.

  • opportunities to support each other:
    get a hand or lend a hand and help each other unleash their own superhero / superstar to achieve their body, family and life dreams, and help finance it.

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