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Partner Pathways

Participate in a BodyPROUD Showcase:

  • Spotlight yourself so you can shine your light and speak about your product / service and how it helps someone who is choosing to follow a bodyproud / moneyproud / empowerment journey

  • Showcase your own transformation / talents: present what your body can do; and speak up to get your message heard!

  • Share your goals and why / how they chose to become a leader of their own life, how or why they developed that brand, and what self-dedicated time, energy, focus and action can -- and did -- do.

  • OPTION for YOU to move up the ranks as a BodyPROUD Ambassador /earn your Diamond and Crown Superhero Status.
  • Includes a Business Mentor / Accountability Partner / Coach


Use Ambassadors as Testers / Sounding Boards / Users of Your Brand:

  • Accessorize Participants / Ambassadors / Newly Ranked Ambassadors
  • Feed Participants / Ambassadors / Newly Ranked Ambassadors
  • Scout / Recruit Participants for Ads, to be Spokespeople or for Sponsorship purposes

Leverage FAME's Resources for Your Exposure and as Your Platform:

  • Local, Regional, National, International Event Exposure Available 
  • TV, TV, TV (roku, apple TV, chromecast, netflix, broadcast pathways)
  • Commercial Advertising
  • Product Placement - on stage / FAME Mansion / on TV
  • Signage - at event / on TV
  • Product / Information to Key Influencers
  • Gift Bags
  • Red Carpet
  • VIP Access - backstage / seating 
  • Lobby Display Zone
  • Prize Giveaways
  • Text Messages / Email Messages
  • Targeted / Special-to-You Campaigns
  • Radio / Call-in Show Interviews 
  • Testimonials on stage
  • Feature spot for you to share why your product / service is special to you and of value to others
  • Stage time to showcase your story about your brand /product LIVE on location or BEAMING YOU IN

Help STEER THE DIRECTION of Social Initiative:  
empowering 100 million 2b bodyproud / moneyproud via jointed / designed 4U: 

  • Social Media messages
  • International Promotions
    (online, print, media, grassroots)
  • Radio / TV

Gain Credibility in the Following Markets: 

  • Fitness Professionals and Personal Trainers
  • Published Authors and Renowned Experts
  • TV and Radio personalities
  • Magazine Cover Models and Celebrities
  • Professional, College and Olympic athletes
  • Fitness Models, Figure Models and Bikini Models
  • Body-builders and Bodybuilding Athletes
  • Teachers, Professors and Seminar Leaders
  • Health Practitioners and Ministers
  • Gym Owners and Managers
  • Yoga, Dance and Cheer Instructors
  • Workout Video Leaders
  • Motivational Speakers and Lecturers
  • Photographers and Videographers
  • Wellness Professionals and Energy Healers

Get Recognition for helping by way of:
  • funding, donating, investing or contributig to the initiative by way of cash / skill sets / reach.


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