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Who? ..... YOU!!!

This Challenge takes you on a journey where you are guided to build your body from the inside out!  

It is open to YOU regardless of your age, gender, background, nationality, medical condition, obstacle, starting point or competition history (or non-history)!

That means you can be a bodybuilder, fitness athlete, figure competitor, fitness model, cheerleader, bikini model, business professional, author, home-based parent, young adult, new mom, grandparent, student, wellness professional, muscle model, endurance athlete, gymnast, cheerleader, dancer, martial artist, or of course, a weekend warrior newcomer to fitness. 

Either way your journey is supported by coaches, mentors, accountability partners. You'll be invited to a support community complete with educational / inspirational and brand-building blogs, forums, groups, videos, audios and daily conference calls.


1. As a Transformer:
  • Someone who wants to experience themselves bodyproud in 10 days, so they can decide from there if they choose to continue their journey, and in what way

  • As a participant you may choose whether or not you'd like to spotlight your progress. 
  • All participants are paired with an ambassador and support crew. 

2. As an Athlete:

  • Bodybuilders, Fitness Models, Bikini Models, Muscle Models, Figure and Fitness Competitors
  • Cheerleaders, Dancers, Martial Artists, and everything in between
  • Note: Although a BodyPROUD Showcase borrows on elements from typical bodybuilding, model and fitness competitions, it is not a competition. As such individuals from any organization, federation, association and affiliation are invited, welcome and encouraged to participate.

3. As a Promoter / Ambassador:
  • Someone who chooses to commit to a bodyproud lifestyle and who wants to take a more active stance in the initiative: promoting it to others (and opening themselves up to moneyproud rewards).

  • The stance for promoters is to encourage people to take the BodyPROUD Challenge: "If I give you $50 to follow a nutritional system for 10 days, will you do it --  AND -- if you like better how they look / better how you feel after the 10 days, will you consider your options to continue this type of good4ME lifestyle?"

  • As a Promoter, you may choose to focus on promoting you as your brand, another product / service / business you have, your moneyproud entrepreneurial venture, someone you admire, or an event / series / tour.

The only thing left to ask is:

when NOW is the right time to make the decision to transform myself? :)


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