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Getting Started is Easy!

We encourage everyone to experience themselves bodyproud in new ways to either participate as a transformer or promote your involvement in the social initiative.  Those who promote, we invite you to represent yourself as a HEALTH and fitness role model as well. 

STEP #1:  "Choose Your Own Package" show-prep options:

  1. Athlete Option:
    based on performance / physique / endurance and helping you gain a dramatic advantage over your current self

  2. Celebrity (Model) Option:
    features an anabolic cleanse / organ detox / weight loss / body reshape plan (lean down, tone up)

  3. Post-Show Body Reset:
    recommended for those who are used to the typical "bodybuilder diet" and who are not yet ready to try something new prior to the show.  This will help your body maintain its gains and help you stay visible as a walking billboard.

STEP #2:  "Choose Your Own Style"

  1. Solo:  follow the formula, motivate yourself, be introspective and succeed doing your thing.

  2. With an Ambassador: join forces with someone who can offer support along the way (included)

  3. Group Transformation: opt in to a Group Transformation where you have the most online and tele-conference support and are preparing as part of a team.

STEP #3: "Choose Your Own Ambassador / Participant" 

Each person who opts to waive their entry fee by choosing their own nutritional package also gets to choose their own personal ambassador / coach to support them as they go through the process.  Those who opt to participate in the Group Transformation may also choose the ambassador leading that charge.

On the flip side all ambassadors are also able to choose their own athlete / participant: those who they wish to support by encouraging someone they believe in to step up to their own plate and follow their lead. 

HOTLINE  877.969.3263


Text: 647.995.3263



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