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BodyProud Spotlight

Everyone has a story, a why, a message to share no matter how big or how small. Something or someone sparked, motivated, inspired or encouraged you to make a transformation and this is your opportunity to share it!

Individuals come to the stage to answer the question "Are U bodyPROUD? And if so what does that mean to you and for you?". They are then given the spotlight for up to 3 minutes of talk-time to share their personal story of transformation and triumphs.

The BodyProud Spotlight gives participants a platform to share why / how they chose to become a leader of their own life, and what self-dedicated time, energy, focus and action can -- and did -- do.  The platform is theirs to speak about the goals and self-dares they chose to take on & how it feels to accomplish what they intended to accomplish.

This is a platform for those who have a message (or who dare dig deep and discover it..."ask and you shall receive"), a story (psst: everyone has a story!), or who wish to be heard... or choose to be heard (providing an opportunity for someone to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, which helps with inner growth).

It's also both an entrepreneurial and networking pathway for those who choose to promote themselves up as their brand (or for their brand) AND a celebratory platform for those who have faced obstacles there to honor their success (imagine how uplifting that would feel!).

Outfit:  Participant Choice. Props are permitted. They are not required. Permission needed by event host should set up / tear down / clean-up be required.

Possible Awards:  Official "I Am BodyPROUD" Certificates //  Participant Choice "You Inspire Me" Awards // Audience Choice "You Inspire Me" Awards //  Official's Choice "You Inspire Me" Awards. Other awards to be determined event per event based on the presentations and at the discretion of the officials / hosts / promoters.** As these feature human interest stories it may also include recruitment packages or opportunities from Sponsors, Media, Photographers. 


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