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BodyPROUD Ambassador

To become a BodyPROUD Ambassador means becoming a Change-Agent:
changing yourself and successfully taking action to help others change themselves too.  
Rewarding already... yet there are more great perks: 


  • 100s or 1,000s of raving, supportive, happy fans 
  • promotion and marketing
  • making your mark...part of history in the making "bringing health to the fitness industry"
  • loyal fans and followers (100's, 1000s or more) who can choose to support you on this endeavor
  • event in your name / honor, spreading your message
  • platform to share your story, message, product or service
  • rise up the ranks, earning new status badges, titles and perks
  • how about a campaign, event, tour series in your name!
  • how about being featured on TV, even having your own TV show or series!


  • weekly thank-U dollars / rewards 
  • over $1,000 in up front bonuses when you are accepted into the Ambassador program
  • monthly earnings of up to $2,500 residually
  • VIP trips, all-expense vacations
  • prizes and rewards



  • get to be part of the inner circle
  • opportunity to help shape, lead and guide the fitness industry to new heights
  • act now to be among the first to achieve this status
  • mentors, coaches and advisors to help you achieve your goals
  • personal mentorship
  • professional development
  • experiencing yourself bodyPROUD / moneyPROUD in new and exciting ways
  • pathways, tools, and resources to SERVE others


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