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Here's Why:

Many years ago, we introduced into Canada and areas throughout the world: natural bodybuilding, muscle model, fitness model search, figure and related pathways and platforms to help the participants succeed.  

A decade of experience we are stoked to have had.  We recognized in so many people their dedication to SELF in ways that inspired our own growth.  We watched as people transformed year after year, show after show… sculpting themselves into their own superhero… becoming the artist of their own physique.  We heard stories of transformation: ordinary people becoming athletes / models; people who beat the odds; and those whose ME-focused actions changed the trajectory of their own lives.

We knew that many of them felt revitalized, re-birthed and re-invigorated as people; confident in ways they hadn’t been before. We know many set stage / magazine goals which became dreams-come-true! And many — probably most — gained a new zest for life recognizing within themselves the desire to inspire and continue on their own journey of personal excellence.That was the part of our “job” we LOVED.  It made us FEEL GOOD.   

And it made us want to DO MORE: provide more platforms where each person could shine their light, pursue their passion, showcase their talents and earn money for doing what they love to do.  Only… something was “off” and not in alignment with our heart and overall vision.

So… we stepped out from the spotlight, knowing new / rising organizations were going to continue the trend and provide opportunities for individuals to shine as athletes, models and stars.  And during that time period we envisioned, downloaded and conceptualized what it is we needed to do to fill what we felt was a void:

1. help those who choose to dedicate time, energy and focus on their body to truly feel bodyPROUD: on stage and off, during competition and away from competition, no matter what occurs on stage or what judges have to say.  

2. bring HEALTH to fitness and create that as the norm that fuels contest and photoshoot prep: focusing on full body nourishment by choosing what the body needs to yield dramatic advantages visible on the outside and felt on the inside. 

3. provide platforms to highlight each individual turned athlete / model as role models not just of fitness but also of HEALTH and overall wellbeing -- mind, body, heart, spirit: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And give them a pathway to pass it forward and inspire others to follow their lead.

4. tools and resources that encourage personal growth, personal development and personal empowerment as a "What's next" for those who are ready for more: for those who want not just to look great but to also feel great in all areas of life. 

5. reward and recognize people who make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others. 

And finally — after EIGHT years — the Golden Pathway begins here: Introducing the BodyPROUD Spotlight Series: pathways for people to become superheroes in their own life; and platforms for them to feel like their own superstar. 

So our WHY, quite simply... to pave new pathways and provide new platforms people can use to help each other experience themselves bodyproud, love the life they live, and make their moneyproud / life dreams come true.

And our HOW... well, that's together with YOU! Where you take lead in your own life to become an Ambassador for your goals, your dreams, your why. And the bodyPROUD Spotlight Series becomes your chosen success pathway as a: participant, promoter of U, host, or ambassador of change.  That choice is up to you: choose your own adventure! :)

In health and fitness, and with LOVE,

Jeffrey Kippel & Mindy Blackstien

FAME World Tour, Producers
World Natural Sports Organization, Founders
The FAME Agency, Creators
FAME Magazine, Publishers
BodyPROUD Social Initiative, Visionaries

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