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Imagine If... we can pave new pathways for fitness
simply by course-correcting and filling voids.

You know what is... now Imagine what can be: 

What is:  Specific categories consist of 2-3 rounds with each round being mandatory as part of that athlete's assessment. 

What can be: Participants get to pick and choose whatever round(s) they have a desire to participate in based on their readiness, heart's desire, skill level, and physique type.


What is: Multiple categories and divisions making it not easy for all spectators, sponsors and media to follow and comprehend.

What can be: The show schedule took on a more easy-to-follow format that is clear even to people who have never been to a physique competition.


What is: Participants often doubt their category choice up until -- and including -- the day of the show. Many even ask to switch categories based on the appearance of their physique that day. And bodybuilders whose event follows weight divisions may adopt means that are not deemed healthy in order to make the cut.

What can be: You could merely sculpt yourself to your desired perfection with out having to think about category choices / weight classes.  What if the Official in Charge does that for you, based on your presentation and appearance?


What is:  With so many categories and divisions, it is not possible for certain competitors to be compared against one another, even when it makes sense from a judging perspective.

What can be: The Panel of experts makes that decision. They can place athletes into groups based on what is being presenting and who is present. For example, the Official in Charge may ask to compare those who immediately shine in the spotlight; those who pose in a similar style; those whose routines are based on the art of the body and/or athletes of a certain height, age, build, or presentation style. 


What is: Athletes may excel in one or more areas, yet if they don't possess the entire package, they may not be recognized for their attributes. Eg. someone who excels in posing only receives an award if their routine is also noteworthy

What can be:  Awards are based on WOW! factors, and are done differently whereby participants receive credit for anything they do that stands out to officials, scouts, media or sponsors.


What is: With many categories and divisions, some athletes have no one else to compete against... and yet win an award and become representative of that category. 

What can be: Awards are given out based on merit only.  So that when participants receive an award, they know that they truly have excelled. In other words, each award is a specialty award and may or may not be given at each show.


What is:  Judges select winners 

What can be: Sponsors, media, scouts, photographers select who they feel is most suitable for their product / article/ magazine cover / purpose. And what if judges themselves are called Officials in Charge and act as scouts themselves helping to serve the needs of those who are using the event to recruit / endorse / feature those with specific attributes.


What is: Athletes get to the stage / photo shoot in a truly unhealthy state: dehydrated, depleted, starving, mentally foggy and not feeling good.
What can be: Athletes could stand in integrity with themselves and their image as a true role model, not just of fitness, but also of Health: walking out onto stage hydrated and well nourished...walking the walk and talking the talk as a role model of health and fitness.


What is: Most athletes who follow a typical bodybuilder / fitness model diet have their body full of artificial colors, sugars, processed food and genetically modified foods which could impact the functioning of their organs and how they feel.

What can be: we redefine the typical diet regimen to help athletes get ready for the stage where they experience themselves chemical-free, with only whole food superfood nutrition, and where "body-building" also implies building their body from the inside and out. 


What is: 3-6 or up to12 months is how long it generally takes to get ready for a physique event
What can be: participants could do that in a fraction of the time


What is: athletes who did not place where thought / expected often devalue their self-worth based on what the judges have to say. 
What can be: the purpose and design of the event was meant to boost self-esteem, honor self-worth and highlight everyone's attributes.


What is: athletes are not getting a fair value exchange in return for inspiring others to follow their lead
What can be: the more fans an athlete has who follow their lead, the more money they make, the more recognition they gain, the more rewards they receive.


What is: trainers / nutritionists earn money for helping athletes become walking billboards
What can be: they were also able to earn money from the people their athletes inspire as a result of their assistance.


What is: promoter revenue depends largely on who shows up the weekend of an event (regardless of weather, city events, unforeseen circumstances) and ends with the event.

What can be: promoters can maximize their event revenue and monetize it on a residual basis all year round

If "what can be" is what NOW is... would U be interested to get involved? 

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