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Events often lead to cool opportunities and new possibilities. The routine portion further extends this fact by providing each person an outlet -- an ability -- to express themselves in ways that are TRUE to their heart. 

Participants can choose to showcase their body as the beautiful art that it is, and/or assume the role of an actor or performer to entertain and inspire.  Others opt to display themselves as bodybuilders and pose their way through their routine. Some may opt to convey a message that is near and dear to the heart, while others may see the stage as a perfect way to grow past fears and insecurities as part of their bodyproud journey to inner beauty.  Then there are also those who wish to promote their brand &/or gain exposure for their business. For these individuals, the routine round acts as an actual "audition recruitment ground" that provides a unique opportunity to earn the respect of potential sponsors, clients, and/or scouts.

Participants generally have up to 2 minutes to express themselves and garner the applause, love and respect of media, scouts, friends, family and fans. 

  • strength displays 
  • flexibility moves 
  • bodybuilding / figure poses
  • demonstrations of balance
  • WOW! factor
  • athletic endurance
  • tumbling / martial arts 
  • singing 
  • talents of any kind

Execution of moves, degree of difficulty, use of stage, creativity, choreography, entertainment value, stage presentation, flair, effortless grace, and overall performance are key in having a well-received routine.


FIT DUO - Option:

What's better than performing in the spotlight?  Sharing the experience with someone else!  Being in the spotlight with someone you love / respect / admire -- a parent, child, trainer, client, friend, mentor, brother, sister, husband, wife, partner, employee, boss, co-worker -- is a perfect way to keep you accountable to your goals AND double your pleasure!!

Outfit:  Participant Choice. Props / costumes are permitted. They are not required. Footwear optional. Barefoot accepted. 


Recruitment "I Choose You" Awards: These are determined by Sponsors, Media, Photographers, causes, foundations and are given out should anyone meet their needs. These awards may happen at the event or following the event based on footage seen. 

Types of Awards & Honors possible:
 Wow! Factor Award //  Stunning Strength // Fantastic Flexibility // Bang-On Balance // Excellent Endurance // Body as Art Award // Out-of-this-World Entertainment // U Crack Me Up // Sensational Senior // Audience Choice. Other awards may determined at the individual events based on the presentations seen and at the discretion of the officials / hosts / promoters.  

Important Notes:

  • music is to be professionally recorded
  • music should be emailed to the event host well in advance (with confirmation that it was received)
  • music should be copied onto a CD which is to be handed in during the registration meeting
  • participants keep a backup copy of their music with them at the event
  • lyrics and performance are of a positive nature and/or suitable for children, unless at an adult-only event.
  • props and stage set-up and tear-down time should be less than 1 (one) minute.  Should someone need additional time due to excessive props or clean up requirements, approval must be requested and received in advance by that event host.
  • safety comes first!
  • have fun, enjoy, and use this time to best benefit you! :)

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