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The human body is a miraculous creation, full of beauty. Couple that with great stage presence, an amazing transformation and a fantastic attitude, and suddenly male and female participants have a captivated audience.  

The SuperHERO option allows participants to showcase themselves as the artist and their physique as their mindfully-shaped masterpiece. The the moment of their great unveil! With eager eyes and a sense of awe in the air, the crowd goes wild... for this time the artist IS the art! And the art is the artist!

These events are designed with the intention to help open participants up to great opportunities and new possibilities. The superHERO portion further extends this by providing each person an outlet -- an ability -- to express themselves in ways that only a theme-optional category can.


Participants have 30 seconds to model themselves, their body, theme, personality, costume or outfit selection. During that time, the stage is theirs to captivate, wow, entertain, and/or strike poses for the camera.

Participants can choose to showcase their body as:

  • the beautiful art that it is -- &/or --
  • assume the role of an actor -- & /or -- 
  • become a performer to entertain / inspire -- & /or --
  • parallel poses popular in the world of bodybuilding and fitness
    (yet each pose has room for variation and creative expression

Some may also opt to convey a message that is near and dear to the heart, while others may see the stage as a perfect way to grow past fears and insecurities as part of their bodyproud journey of mastering excellence.  Then there are also those who wish to build their brand and/or their business. For these individuals, the superHERO element acts as an actual "audition recruitment ground" that provides a unique opportunity to earn the respect of potential sponsors, clients, and/or scouts.



Participants are invited to the stage as a group for an initial wave.  They then return individually for their 30 seconds SuperHERO display. Individuals take their turn to walk across the stage and strike their personal style pose in 3 (three) predetermined locations (left, center, right). Maintaining and getting into the poses should appear fluid and effortless to those in attendance. Participants are welcome to be creative and infuse their walk and turns with personality and flair. 

As this is a transformation-style event, participants should choose outfits that allow their physique to still be visible.  Tear-aways, swimwear, posing suits, form fitting clothing, etc are acceptable.

The round continues with all participants being invited back to the stage and directed to come forward as a group.  The Official in Charge may then call certain participants to the front of the stage should they like to see anything else. At this time it is up to the Official to highlight to the crowd -- or TV cameras, where applicable -- the attributes of the participants that they see up there on stage.  

They may ask participants to perform a set of 1/2 turns or four quarter turns: Front Pose; Left Profile, Rear Pose, and Right Profile (or a bodybuilder / figure type pose for those who opted in). They may ask for key groups of people to step forward to continue their display as one group: perhaps by age, perhaps who chose to represent themselves as a bodybuilder, or perhaps by obstacles overcome, etc.  Each event will be different and will be flavored by the bios and abilities of those participating. 

There will likely also be some shuffling of positions should that be necessary for the scouts. While on stage amongst a group, participants are expected to maintain each pose while the scouts are making their assessments. .


When you hear the words "P O S E O F F --- P O S E D O W N ! !" at the same time that the music starts booming, that's when you rush the stage to outpose, outlast, and outshine and outdo yourself.  This is a great way to garner the attention of scouts, media, sponsors and fans.

This is your final chance to showcase your energy and play up to the cameras and crowd. Of course, although it's a really fun moment, the scouts are still looking for those who appear in their element and meet their needs. 

Tips: You may opt to practice your sequence of poses in advance so that you can flow from pose to pose, or challenge another participant for your own personal ‘pose-off’ right there on stage!  

As scouts, we especially like to see you ENJOYING YOURSELF!

Important Note: 

Should you choose to incorporate poses made popular in the bodybuilding / figure / fitness model world -- 1/2 turns; 3 point turns; 1/4 turns; semi-relaxed stance; front / rear double biceps; front / rear lat spread; abs & thigh; most muscular; side triceps; side chest; most symmetrical -- you may perform them as intended or even give them an artistic flair of your own creation. Just choose whatever is most suited to your physique, personality and body-as-art preference. That means poses may be done with open hands or closed fists. For those who wish to be scouted for bodybuilding / fitness model purposes, be prepared to showcase all the popular poses (and to feature your physique from both sides). This is important should the Officials request "if you prepared this pose, please step forward". 

Outfit: Swim / Shorts / Posing suit / Costume / Theme.  Your choice.
            Heels / footwear optional.

Music:  Provided by event.

Recruitment "I Choose You" Opportunities:  These are determined 
by Sponsors, Media, Photographers, causes, foundations and are given out should anyone meet their needs. These awards may happen at the event or following the event based on footage seen. 

Awards / Honors possible:
 You Lit Up the Stage // Overall Package // 3 P's: Personality, Presentation & Posture //  Stole My Breath Away // Terrific Tone //  Muscled Goddess //Sensational Senior // Wow Factor // Bang-On Biceps //  Tremendous Triceps //  Amazing Abs  // Chiseled Chest // Boastful Back // Look-at-those-Legs // You Inspire Me // Superhero Physique //  You Can Sell Anything Award // Guest Poser Quality //  Audience Choice.  Other awards may determined at the individual events based on the presentations seen and at the discretion of the officials / hosts / promoters.  

Note:  Symmetry, posture, personality and presentation are to be included in the assessment for each applicable award.




NOTE: Bodybuilding &  Figure Posing Tips:

  • Ensure proper posture and engage ALL visible muscles (not just the ones named in the pose). 
  • Each body part should look proportionate to its counterpart - this may be natural or you may have to master the ‘art of illusion’ by varying your stance.
  • Even when you are highlighting your upper body, be sure to flex your lower body and other body parts.
  • Be sure not to hide your lats if you choose to do a lat spread
  • most muscular poses are also accepted: hands-on-hips / prayer / crab / variation
  • Should you opt to enter into a bodybuilding, fitness model or physique show following this event, we advise you become aware of that organization's preferences and requirements.
  • Using deliberate hand, foot, leg and arm placements simultaneously engaging all muscles, those who choose this route sure give the audiences a breath-taking show!


Your Body. Your Goals. Your Time to Shine!

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