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Congratulations to all the athletes that competed in the FAME UK 2010 Championships!

The judging panel was very impressed with the calibre of athletes that came out to compete and weldone to the athletes that travelled all the way from Italy and Africa to compete. Other athletes came from Poland,Cuba,South Africa,Jamaica and all over United Kingdom.

We had the best turn out of athletes to date, a total of 55 athletes turned up to battle it out for the first place. An impressive 17 female athletes in the Fitness model class and 15 in the male Fitness model class.

Many thanks to the Celebrity Judges who were the UK GLADIATORS: DOOM,ENIGMA &DESTROYER.
Also at the event was Muscle&Fitness Director,Muscle&Fitness Editor and Muscle&Fitness photographer. Full coverage of the winners and article of the show will be in Muscel&Fitness UK magazine in 5 months and artilce of the show will be in ultra FIT magazine soon.

A BIG thanks to the other Judges :Head Judge FAME UK Director & FAME Pro Angie Weston. FAME UK 2009 Fitness Model Champ Eleni Plakitsi,British Pro Bodybuilder Elvis.

A BIG BIG thanks to FAME Pro & Fitness model coach Audrey Kaipio for doing a great job on Hosting the show and Thanks to all the other Backstage staff,you guys rock! Until next year...Happy Training ! video and photos of the show will be out soon.

For any info on FAME UK shows contact Angie Weston direct:

Angie Weston
FAME UK Producer



1.Lynn Hansen

2.Danielle Laws

3.Beth Workman



1.Ryan John-Bapise

2.Jamie Barnard

3.Jesus Alvarez

1.Nyisha Jordon
2.Renata Sulekatie
3.Kelly Anne James

1.Helle Strubl
2.Steve Davies
3.Ryan John-Baptise

1.Michelle Brannan

2.Linda Velkel
3.Emily Howarth

1.Renata Sulekatie
2.Janet Malinowska
3.Hollie Walcott

1.Daniella Pellegrini

1.Helle Strubl
2.Ivan Kazibwe
3.Lazro Almenares

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