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Results from the 2009 FAME World Championships!

With athletes who traveled in from all over the world the 2009 FAME World Championships is yet another show that will always be remembered. Starting from Media Day, to getting 'busted' by the cops as we were parading down the streets of Montreal flexing, posing and attracting attention to the Red Carpet set outside the theatre, to the multitude of languages being spoken.. and finishing off with a bang, the event itself.

Thanks to all who participated!!! You are all true role models and a source of inspiration to many!

Grand Prize Winners

Nadja Scantamburlo - Winner of $250 which she can spend during her grand prize win of the South Africa Dream Vacation. Nadja will be traveling to beautiful South Africa this summer to co-host the FAME South Africa Championships TV Show. While there she will spend time on a Game Reserve, participate in 'Fitness Magazine' photoshoots and be treated like royalty. Thank you to Joanne and Force Events for making this possible. See More

Pierre Lajoie - With an amazing physique and fantastic posing presentation, Pierre not only became the 2009 FAME World Bodybuilding Pro Champion, but he also won himself the spotlight at the FAME European Championships! Pierre will be flown in for a fantastic European Getaway to the Czech Republic to be the guest poser at the show!

RiAnne Hall - Rianne blew away the judges with her symmetrical, perfectly conditioned physique and amazing presentation. Flying back to South Africa she will take with her a set of Power Blocks! (Multiple set of dumbells in one unit).

Linda Minard - Once again Linda wowed the judges with her yoga inspired routine and fantastic posing. Linda goes away as the FIgure Pro Champion and earned herself $250 and a $1000 hand painted denim creation courtesy of Rare Ninja.

Eva Sefcova - As the Figure Physique Pro Champ, Eva is now also the proud owner of a $1000 hand painted denim creation courtesy of Rare Ninja.

Paul Stock - An exceptional individual, Paul Stock who has MS received a standing ovation every time he hit the stage. Plus he walks away a 1st place winner $250 richer!

FAME World Champion Winners

Muscle Model Female - Open

1st - Milena Rihoula
This amazing athlete from the Czech Republic took home the title in the Muscle Model Female - Open Division with her fantastic combination of muscularity and conditioning.

2nd - Stefanie Richard
Stefanie's combination of muscular development, symmetry and amazing stage presense carried her to 2nd place in this tough division.

3rd - Vicky Aguilar
Vicky's tight conditioning and overall symmetry helped her bring home a third place finish.

Rounding out the top 5 in the Female Muscle Model Open Division:

4th - Renata Hanusova - from the Czech Republic

5th - Lorayne Taylor

Muscle Model Female Advanced

1st - Guylaine Rochon
Guyliane's great combination of physique, stage presence, and her Cat Woman Themewear propelled her to first the in Muscle Model Female Advanced Division.

2nd - Jenny Arnold
Jenny's Aussie themed routine and solid physique helped her bring home second place.

Muscle Model Female Masters

1st - Vicky D'Aguilar
Vicky's tight physique helped her edge out the competition to win the Muscle Model Female Masters Division.

2nd - Christine Tucker
Christine's lean physique and Canadian Mountie themewear was a hit with the crowd and helped her to a 2nd place finish.

3rd - Jenny Arnold
Jenny's strong physique carried her to a thrd place finish in the Muscle Model Female Masters Division.

Finishing out the top 5:

4th - Andrea Morin

5th - Tina Darbyshire

Muscle Model Female - Pro

1st - Kendra Wark
Kendra's amazing combination of muscularity and symmetry, along with her great stage presence allowed her to bring home the World Champion title in the Pro Division of Female Muscle Model.

2nd - Kim Landry-Ayers battled it out and placed 2nd in this highly competitive division.

3rd - Linda Minard's 's great lines and stage presence carried her to third in the Muscle Model Female Pro division.

Finishing out the top 5:

4th - Sheila Grennan

5th - Gloria Mohninger

Muscle Model Male - Open

1st - Francois Beauregard
Francois' rock hard physique and rugged good looks carried him to the title of FAME World Champion in the Muscle Model Open Division.

2nd - Tomas Paulusk
Tomas' great stage presence and creative posing, along with his chizzled phyique earned him 2nd place in this tough Division.

3rd - Pavel Brozek
Even after a long flight from the Czech Republic, Pavel's strong physique helped him earn 3rd place in the Open Muscle Model Division.

Finishing out the top 5:

4 - Eric Thifauld

5 - Sacha Ragueneau

Muscle Model Male Advanced:

1 - Curt Griffin
Curt's display of muscularity along with his great smile carried him to victory in the Muscle Model Male Advanced Division.

2 - Roman Pericka
Roman's super ripped physique helped him earn the number 2 spot.

3 - Ralph Yates
Ralphes stage presence and strong physique earned him a 3rd place finish in the the Musle Model Advanced Division.

Muscle Model Male - Pro

1 - Harry White
Harry showed the total package with a muscled symmetrical physique, personality and stage presence (that finally really stood out in this show) which immediately escalated him up to the title of FAME Pro Muscle Model Champion.

2 - Antonio Ballan
South African athlete Antonio's kick boxing theme and Hollywood good looks helped him edge out the competition for the 2nd place finish.

3 - Matthew Fredericks
Matthew's thickly muscled physique and amazing tribal routine helped this South African athlete edge out the competition to take third place. With his fantastic posing and presentation skills, if he competed in bodybuilding as well, he would definitely have a chance to shoot straight to the top.

Finishing out the top 5:

4 - Marc- Antoine Rivard

5 - Kevin Goddard

Fit Duos

1 - Valerie David and Hugo Lincheverette
This pair performed an amazing routine combining high flying precision acrobatics with carefully timed strenth moves and choreography that you would expect to see on a stage in Vegas! Their routine brought down the house and earned them the title of FAME World Champions in the Fit Duo Division.

2 - Isabelle Desrochers and Martial Clermont
Isabelle and Martial's routine combined beautiful choreography and a polished performance to carry them to the 2nd place finish.

3 - Krista Lafreniere and Jeremy Zimmerman took the third place spot with a fun, high energy Fit Duo routine.

Finishing out the Top 5:

4 - Jana Koriakwa and Tomas Paulusek

5 - Renata Hanusova and Paul Brozek

Swimsuit Model Male Advanced

1. Adam Hawrkyliw brought his great stage presence and solid physique to the stage in the Swimsuit Model Male Advanced Division and came home with the title of FAME World Champion! Adam has such an amazing spirit offering to help out all weekend long, starting with media day and ending with volunteering his time to work backstage on Sunday. Thank you!

Swimsuit Model Male Pro

1. Antonio Ballan
Antonio's Movie Star looks and lean physique carried him to 1st place finish in the Swimsuit Model Male Pro Division.

2. Pattrick Corriveau's great smile and stage presence led him to a second place finish in this tough division. Who ever would have known he once was, as he stated in the mic, 'a fat boy'. Wow! Congratulations Patrick!

3. Marc-Antoine Rivard earned a third place finish with his great conditioning and tight physique.

Swimsuit Model Female Open
1st - Martine Carriere
Martine's balanced and symmetrical physique and polished performance won her the 1st place finish in the Swimsuit Model Open Division.

2nd - Caroline Bernard
Caroline's beautiful long lines and smile carried her to the 2nd place finish in this Division.

3rd - Gabriella Luciano - Gabriella's great stage presence, attitude and smile along with a beautiful physique earned her a third place finish.

Swimsuit Model Female Advanced

1. Tabatha Kirkegaard
Tabatha's beautiful physique and amazing long lines edged out the competition earning her the title of FAME World Champion.

2. Janet Ann Harding
Janet's experience as an NFL cheerleader showed on the stage as her physique and stage presence led her to a 2nd place finish.

3. Reylae Gendron's great look and smile earned her third in this tight division.

4. Catherine St-Pierre's tight conditioning and lean physique earned 4th in the Swimsuit Model Advanced division.

Swimsuit Model Female Masters

1 - Janet Ann Harding
Janet's total package of physique, beauty and stage presence carried her to victory in the Swimsuit Model Female Masters Division.

2. - Catherine St. Pierre was a close runner up with her tight lean physique and great smile finishing in 2nd.

Swimsuit Model Female Pro

1st - Stacey Kendall combined the perfect mix of conditioning, stage presence and beauty to earn the title of FAME World Champion in the Swimsuit Model Pro division.

2nd - Eva Martinkinova's who came in all the way from Slovakia showed long lines and beautiful presentation which earned her the 2nd place finish in this close division.

3rd - Alicia Neasmith's beautiful smile and long lines carried her to the 3rd place finish.

Rounding out the top 5 in the Swimsuit Model Female Pro Division:

4th - Shannon Delves

5th - Katy Dupuis

Saturday Results

Bodybuilding - Open Women

1. Roxanne Marie Sauve
2. Tina Marie Darbyshire

Bodybuilding - Open Men

1. Michael Chapa - With his movie star looks and fantastic posing and presentation, it was no surprise that Michael took 1st place!
2. Kevin Goddard - Great lines, long lean physique and a winning smile, Kevin had it all!
3. David Avery - A beautiful tan and overall great package, David Avery proved he has what it takes to be a top trainer.
4. Tyler B. Locke
5. Alec W Dewdney

Bodybuilding - Advanced Women

1. Lorayne Taylor - With a beautiful physique and amazing routine Lorayne wowed the judges especially when she brought her very young baby 'her angel' on the stage as part of her performance! Lorayne's personal story is such an inspirational one. Not only is she a new mom but she was also the victim of domestic violence who decided it was time to change her life. As she stated, 'In Times of Difficulty, Body Proud Saved Me'. Read it here.
2. Kim Johnston - Great muscle development and a well choreographed fun routine, Kimberly definitely inspired Body Proud.
3. Diane Berniquez - Showing great composure and popping muscles, Diane easily took position as 2nd runner up!

Bodybuilding - Advanced Men

1. Pavel Brozek - Perfect. Frame, posing, presence, personality, legs, musculature, upper body, everything. Pavel will definitely become a top contender in the Pro Category. All the way from the Czech Republic taking top spots - and attaining FAME Pro status - definitely made the travel all worth it. More
2. Francois Beauregard - With movie star looks and a thick muscled package, Francois once again impressed the judges and almost (oh so close) took the first place position.
3. Phillippe Masse - If only he had more color during the judging round, Philippe could have been a contender for the 1st place spot as he displayed a fantastic muscled symmetrical package.
4. Roman Pericka
5. Chanse Trenholm

Bodybuilding - Master Pro Women

1. Sheila Grennan - We don't know how she does it, but Sheila is always smiling and raring to go. When Sheila walks to the stage, all eyes immediately go to her chiseled midsection. Congratulations to Sheila on the huge improvements she has made since her first competition.
2. Diane Berniquez - Inspired by FAMErs boyfriend, Guy Gagne and trainer, Yannick Morin, Diane proved she has what it takes! Good job!
3. Cheryl Huett - All the way from Nova Scotia, Cheryl displayed great width and a nicely muscled physique earning her a spot as 2nd runner up.

Bodybuilding - Men Pro Grandmasters

1. Wayne Lloy - All you can say about Wayne is 'wow'. Born in 1943, Wayne still has what it takes - and keeps improving every show - to continually inspire body proud. Congratulations.
2. Scott "Old Navy" Hults - Showing good posing (and an amazing crab pose), this 60+ year old ex navy captain always comes to entertain... and entertain he did! Congratulations Scott!

Bodybuilding - Pro Women

1. Kendra Wark - It's not so often that one competitor's physique can fit so perfectly in a multitude of categories, but then Kendra came along. Kendra has the overall package and looked fantastic. Even with out routine music, Kendra wowed the crowd with her impressive choreography and had everyone clapping in unison to keep her going. How she handled the music glitch was just incredible.
2. Sheila Grennan - Got muscles? Sheila sure does! Always one to have fun and live life to its fullest, everyone can tell that Sheila just loves the spotlight.
3. Kim Landry-Ayres - Poster girl Kim Landry once again brought a great package to the FAME Stage with a nice frame, great color and fantastic posing.

Bodybuilding Men - Physically Challenged

1. Paul Stock - Amazing. Paul had the entire theatre jump to their feet every single time he hit the stage. MS and a cane will not stand in Paul's way. He is determined, strong and a true inspiration. Plus, he has a great personality to boot, joking that he would replace his cane with his brand new 1st place trophy (a beautiful sword).

Fitness - Advanced

1. Eva Jordova - Fun, fast, exciting, entertaining, wow-factor moves, amazing presence, energy, balance and strength, Eva had it all and easily took the 1st place position.
2. Lindsay Bellinger - Looking like a natural up there on the stage, Lindsay's physique and routine performance grabbed her a spot in the 1st runner up position.
3. Willa Madeline Potter - Fantastic expressions, good composure, nice energy and a winning smile, Willa wowed the crowd and earned herself a great spot in the top 3.

Fitness - Pro

1. Sarah D. Koeslag - With exciting moves, a quick dynamic pace and a smile that lasted throughout, Sarah once again shone bright on the FAME Stage.

Figure - Posing and Routine - Open

1. Maggie Dumoulin - Beautiful. Fantastic physique. Perfect coloring. Electrifying Routine. Maggie brought it all together, including her talents as a boxer, to win the first place position.
2. Christine Taylor - Don't mess with this cop! Christine's muscled physique and polished routine earned herself top spots.
3. Gloria Jean Mohninger - Gloria proves that contest prep is a true science as her physique, which already looked wicked, improved even more the following day. With her beautiful smile Gloria definitely shone all weekend long.
4. Michelle Basu Roy - As soon as her presentation is perfected that much more, we foresee Michelle rising right to the top with her top notch tight physique.

Figure - Posing and Routine - Pro

1. Linda Minard - Definitely peaking on the 2nd day of the competition, Linda's fantastic posing coupled with her jaw dropping beautiful routine earned her the number one position in this category.
2. Valerie David - A beautiful physique and a super charged incredible routine, Valerie once again lit up the stage!

Fitness Model - Male Open

1. Tyler B Locke - Nice package, good personality, overall great presentation. Congratulations!

Fitness Model Male Advanced

1. Sacha Raganeau - Sacha showed a fantastic lean yet muscled physique, great stage presence, a fun personality and really exemplified the Fitness Model category.
2. Andre Bland - With an amazing overall package, Andre really impressed the judges.
3. Kelly Dauphinee - Originally a bodybuilder, Kelly has proven that fitness modeling can be just as much fun. Showing good personality, a winning smile and of course a nicely muscled physique, Kelly edged out the competition.
4. Martial Clermont - The always smiling Martial Clermont looked fantastic and brought a smile to each of the judges.
5. Adam Haryliw - Adam not only wowed the judges on stage (firefighter themewear) but in real life as well when he used his skills as a firefighter to actually save a man's life after witnessing a stabbing at a restaurant adjacent to the After Party. A big thank you to Adam for returning to the event on Sunday just to help out!

Fitness Model - Women Open

1. Valerie David - This category was meant for Valerie. She truly shone and grabbed the spotlight! Fantastic performance!
2. Sophie Berthiaume - With a cute theme, a top notch physique, great poses and amazing presentation, Sophie definitely impressed the judging panel.
3. Emilie Baril - That wasn't Emilie... That was Eve! Although she ended up biting the apple, Emilie still won over the crowd with her great physique and overall presentation.
4. MichelleBasuRoy
5. Caroline Bernard

Fitness Model - Women Advanced

1. Ashley Duxbury - Hot. Ashley's sculpted physique, beautiful smile, incredible stage presence and great personality kept her on fire throughout her performance.
2. Janet Ann Harding - A tight contender for the top spot, Janet definitely knows how to work the stage! Fantastic job!
3. Andrea Morin - What?! She's 49!?! We all thought that was a typo... but no! Andrea is a true inspiration and definitely impressed the panel that much more when she earned herself the second runner up position in such a large and tight category!
4. Tabatha Kirkegaard
5. Isabelle Desrochers

Fitness Model - Male Masters Pro

1. Martial Clermont - Great overall package!
2. Evert McIlwain
- As a mountie, Evert showed good presence and a nice physique. Congratulations!

Fitness Model - Male Pro

1. Patrick Corriveau - Who would have thought a self proclaimed 'former fat guy' would turn pimp (on stage only - lol) and earn himself the title of FAME Fitness Model Pro Champion. Even with braces, Patrick shone and truly exemplified a Fitness Model.
2. Lucas Irwin - Holy physique! Lucas brought it!! With his model looks and his perfectly sculpted body, Lucas walks away as 1st runner up.
3. Antonio Ballan - Movie star looks, great conditioning and a winning smile, Antonio had all eyes on him. Congratulations!

Fitness Model - Women Masters

1. Andrea Morin - At almost 50 years old, Andrea proves that 'body proud' shows no boundaries. With a beautiful physique, genuine smile and overall tight package, Andrea definitely brought it!
2. Chantal Viger - Great presentation and impressive stances, Chantal won herself top spots in this category. Good work!
3. Michelle Trudel - This was a tough class to judge. A big congratulations to Chantal who impressed the judges with her sculpted physique and overall presentation.
4. Catherine St. Pierre
5. Janet Harding

Fitness Model - Women Pro

1. RiAnne Hall - Can you say 'blown away'? That's exactly how the judging panel felt as soon as RiAnne took the stage! This South African beauty brought personality, presentation and a perfectly sculpted physique that wowed the entire judging panel. Awesome awesome work!
2. Nadja Scantamburlo - With a beautifully sculpted physique it was hard to imagine that Nadja could shine any more than she did in the swimsuit round, but when she took to the stage with her theme, she immediately captivated the entire crowd! Poster photo in the making!
3. Eva Sefcova - Also FIGURE Physique PRO World Champion! - It's always great having Eva at the event as her performance always impresses. At the Worlds she adds another element - that as a translator for those who came all the way in from Eastern Europe.
4. Fatima Leite Kusch - Fatima shone on stage. As soon as she stepped foot on stage, she owned it. Although her themewear was basic it looked absolutely fantastic on her and she worked it to the max earning her a well deserved position as 3rd runner up in this pro category.
5. Alicia Neasmith - Amazing lines, a long torso, and great stage presence, Alicia, one of FAME's youngest pros, definitely proved that herself on stage.

Sunday Results:

Sunday's show was actually one of our most fun shows yet. The quality of athletes, their enthusiasm and the rowdiness of the crowd made this event one to remember!

Bodybuilding - Novice Men

1. Sean Sinclair -
2. Jesse Long
3. Nick Baker
4. Christophe Rassachack - from France!
5. Fentris Lane

Bodybuilding - Junior Men

1. Andre Bland
2. Tomas Pavlosek - from Europe
3. Spencer Piechoki - Spencer showed a huge improvement since his the FAME Ontario Championships. Wow!
4. Eric Poulin
5. Massimo Mancuso

Bodybuilding - Masters Female

1. Kim Johnston
2. Nicole Ough

Bodybuilding - Grandmasters Female

1. Tina Marie Darbyshire - A great way to celebrate her 46th birthday!
2. Pat Stapley Chase
3. Cheryl Huett

Bodybuilding - Grandmasters Men

This was actually one of the most tough divisions to judge. All athletes looked phenomenal!! Way to Inspire Body Proud guys!

1. Jan Louda - perfect package, Jan looked spectacular! There's not much more to say about that except 'Good job!'
2. Jiri Stepanek - all the way from the Czech Republic, Jiri once again impressed the judges with both his physique and his fantastic routine that really got the crowd going.
3. Milan Viraq - Milan sure soaked up the limelight and looked as though he was enjoying every second of it. Great work!
4. Richard Emond - Thanks to Richard for impressing the audience and judges with his great performance.
5. Vaclav Storek - Lat spread spectacular, Vaclav definitely has what it takes to be in the top 5!

Bodybuilding - Super Grandmasters Men

These guys are 60+... Wow!!!

1. Richard Sequin - We have seen Richard on our stage for many, many years and this year proved to be one of his best. Great work!
2. Alec Dewdney - With his wife Sue sitting front row, Alec had the entire theatre laughing along with his routine to California Girls. Following the show Alec was featured in the Toronto Star.
3. Jean Paul Tessier - At age 75 JP seemed to be having a blast on stage...!
4. Jim Douglas - A very fun routine and a fantastic physique to boot Jim definitely impressed the crowd!
5. Ken Burgin - Ken is one of the very few athletes who actually had the entire judging panel singing along to his amazing routine performance. An amazing inspiration of Body Proud. Ken, like the others in his class, looked FANTASTIC!

Figure Physique - Novice

1. Catherine Mailhot
2. Bridgett Ruselle

Figure Physique - Open

1. Stefanie Richard 2. Gloria Mohinger ***Also Pro Masters Figure Physique Champ!
3. Christine Taylor

Figure Physique - Masters

1. Vicky D'Aguilar
2. Andrea Morin
3. Jenny Arnold

Figure Physique - Advanced

1. Guylaine Rochon
2. Vicky D'Aguilar
3. Erin Elizabeth Crawford
4. Jenny Arnold

Fitness Model Male - Novice

1. Jesse Long
2. Dave Avery
3. William Alli
4. Chanse Trenholm

Fitness Model Female - Novice

1. Eva Martinkova - from Slovakia
2. Sylvie Correia
3. Sanaz Noroozzi

Figure - Posing and Routine - Novice

1. ToureKhadyMalombe
Although she was the only one in this category, Toure blew the judges away with her incredible physique and presence! Congratulations!

Muscle Model Female - Novice

1. Catherine Mailhot
2. Christine Taylor
3. Bridgett Rouselle

Swimsuit Model Female - Novice

1. Anny Boisvert
2. Sanaz Noroozzi

Swimsuit Model Male - Novice

1. William Alli
2. Jesse Long

Muscle Model Male - Novice

1. Michael Chapa - With his top model looks and fantastic physique, it's no surprise that Michael nabbed the top spot in this category.
2. Jason Johnson
3. Sean Sinclair
4. Dave Avery
5. Chanse Trenholm

Congratulations to all the athletes who competed at the FAME World Championships! It was an amazing show!

A special thanks as well to FAME Staff Kevin Friesen and Meghan Cooke who made it all 'look' easy and kept it fun.

A big shout out to all the judges: FAME Co-Founders Jeffrey Kippel & Mindy Blackstien, President of FAME Quebec Mike Clement (who oversaw all local promotions),Co-Head Judge Serge Chhabra and Brenda Philpott (who have both been judging for the last 10+ years), past Pro Bodybuilding Champs Ian Walling & Derrick Brown, yoga guru posture expert Belinda Kim (who performed a fantastic routine blending yoga with fitness on Saturday night), and of course, Michael Elias who oversaw all the marketing and promotions for this event.

Two other people who deserve a big THANK YOU are Lisa Jeter of The Fit Pro who was willing to help all weekend long and Max, an all around good guy who happened to be staying at the hotel and is now converted to be all about 'FAME' and 'Body Proud'.

Finally, thanks also to all the sponsors who provided amazing prizes, including trips, cash, food, drink, gripads, clothes etc.

Stay tuned to for all the information about the upcoming shows of the FAME World Tour!

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