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The BodyPROUD Showcase

The BodyPROUD Showcase provides platforms for individuals to shine their light: showcase their transformation (SuperHero Posing); present what their body can do (SuperStar Routines); and speak up to be heard (bodyPROUD spotlight).

BodyPROUD Showcases also provide pathways to inspire scouts / fans / family / friends / viewers/ readers to tune into what their heart desires. 

This is a pathway that plants the seed or gives an exposure where they become aware -- by seeing or hearing -- that choosing "good4ME" actions yields super cool, life-enhancing / life -changing, results. 
 Something everyone can choose now to do.

Each component is open to individuals of all ages and experience levels: from newbies to pro athletes; 1st timers to cover models; and members of all organizations / federations.

Note: Although a BodyPROUD Showcase borrows on elements from typical bodybuilding, model and fitness competitions, it is not a competition. As such individuals from any organization, federation, association and affiliation are invited, welcome and encouraged to participate.

Entry Fees:  Entry fees are waived for those participants who opt in to experience themselves bodyproud in new ways, via the 10 day transformation ***unless restrictions apply

Featured Round:

BodyPROUD Spotlight
 (be heard!)

Individuals come to the stage to answer the question "Are U bodyPROUD? And if so what does that mean to you and for you?". They are then given the spotlight for up to 3 minutes of talk-time to share their personal story of transformation and triumphs. They can speak about their starting point, life challenges, history or obstacles; the situation, circumstance or thought that prompted their change / motivated them forward; their bodyproud defining moments, breakthrus, A-HA's or realizations along the way; why they have done what they've done, what they are doing to continue their progress, and the goals / dreams they have had or now have. 

Optional Rounds

Superhero ME! (physique element / posing / body model round)

This 30 Seconds Option is a celebration opportunity generally reserved for those individuals who wish to model themselves for bodyPROUD reasons; who sculpted themselves into their own superhero; and/or who wish to be scouted by sponsors to represent (sell) their brand.  

What you do in the spotlight is up to you! Just go out there and have fun! This is YOUR time to shine!  So be creative and use this as an opportunity to express who you are OR who you wish to be!

All who have chosen to participate in this round are called out on stage as a group. Ladies first, then gentlemen.  Participants then
come back for an individual walk-out for their time to shine. This is when they have 30 seconds to strike their pose (center stage, left and right). This is their spotlight to play up to the cameras and crowd. Following this is a group pose-off that are high energy, exciting and a ton of fun. The Official in Charge may also separate participants based on physique type (muscularity, tone...), presentation style, height, or whatever other means the officials deem necessary for consideration.


Superstar ME (routine round)

This 2 minute option provides a platform for those who choose to feel like their own superstar to unleash their inner entertainer, actor, or performer. It's also for those whose heART is in their art.

In other words it is open to anyone who sets the goal to honor a passion; reveal a talent; express who they are; showcase themselves as their own creation; promote themselves as their brand; gain new fans; and/or highlight their body as art.

Participants have up to 2 minutes (or as conveyed by Event Promoter) to entertain and perform (and in some cases stretch their comfort zone... great for personal growth and development).  

Everything goes (keep it classy, unless at an adult-only event) which means you may include martial arts, dance, tumbling, magic, contortions, wrestling, acting, singing etc. Use the stage as your time to shine!

Overall Winners

If a promoter wishes to announce an Overall Winner, the winner is determined by the individual who claims the most number of awards / certificates / recruitments -- OR based on Participant Choice or Audience Choice.

                      Media Attention // Additional Exposure

Being heart-felt human interest stories of transformation and triumph that appeal to mainstream society, we encourage the participant / event promoter to reach out to the media, causes, organizations, charities or foundations that apply.  For ultimate exposure and best results share your story and document your progress pre-event / at the event / post-event. 

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