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A treasure chest of Memories / Experiences 4those who were connected in any way with FAME: its events, magazines, agency, TV shows.

It Just Makes Sense

Experience yourSelf MoneyPROUD too!

What if when people ask "what are you doing?" "how do you look so good?"... you could answer them with a GIFT: $50 for them... and $50 for you! 

Plus: earn weekly cash, monthly checks, VIP trips, awards and prizes, recognition and new status ranks simply by encouraging others to Take the BodyPROUD Challenge too!

Finally... a way even trainers can generate fair and equal value exchange for providing a direct pathway to systemized nutrition formula that helps people transform their lives...and build their body from the inside out.

This is how all of you -- regardless of level and history -- are able to earn money tomorrow by doing what you did yesterday!  Your opportunity to take action for yourself, your family and others and gain notoriety (and financially-freeing-cash) as a true role model of fitness and HEALTH!

So check through the links above and explore all possibilities!

Now is the time.  The evolution -- and launch team -- taking fitness industry to new heights is HERE....Want in? 


Golden Opportunity --> Promote...YOU !!!

BUT 1st... YOU have to CHANGE!

Here's why. It's not you... It's the food. 

Yep, that's right. The same type of artificial colours, flavours, sugars, dyes, irradiated and genetically modified ingredients in "junk food" are prevalent in "health food" too --  including in the popular bodybuilding and fitness diets...

Even CLEAN food isn't clean!  

The powders and shakes, the bars and energy drinks, the pills, the chicken, the broccoli, the rice and everything in between... all laced! And, yes, this adds a form of stress to the body.

Bring HEALTH to Fitness

Ever think about the irony of standing up on stage looking like you brought your "A-GAME" as a role model both of fitness and HEALTH...

...but in reality knowing you're dehydrated, malnourished, mentally confused & literally starving?

Couple that with extreme contest-prep -- i.e. nutritionally-lacking diets -- and the roller coaster ride after an event.... show after show... year after year... AND it comes to a point:  

It's your Responsibility to your Self (and a GIFT to your family)!

To do so take action for yourself and join us:

We are a team of athletes, promoters, trainers, wellness professionals, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between, on a mission to unite as ONE to inspire 100 million people around the world to be bodyproud: to love how they look, love how they feel, love the thoughts they think and love what their body can do.

Experience yourSelf BodyPROUD in NEW Ways:

After 5 years, we discovered the system to help all bodybuilders, fitness & figure athletes, physique competitors, fitness models!

And it's better than expected! Now you can get your body into an ANABOLIC (building / toning muscle) state while BURNING FAT and while CLEANSING your organs, while RECALIBRATING your body, and while RESETTING your metabolism! 

In fact, you can Now get yourself ready for a show CHEMICAL-FREE and arriving there not only looking your best, but also feeling your best. What can beat that?!

Oh yeah... the convenience:  It's simply the cost of food. For many people they even save money 

For those who feel a twinge of excitement or are all out raring to go, we invite you to opt in:

1. as a participant - TAKE THE BODYPROUD CHALLENGE - 10 days to experience how you love better how you look / feel.


2. as a promoter - PROMOTE THE BODYPROUD CHALLENGE - your pathway to become active as a voice / leader and Change Agent in the movement,  simply by U promoting it and U promoting YOU: your experiences, your lessons, your milestones, your message, your transformation, your triumphs!



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