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Exposure & Rewards



Golden Opportunity --> Promote...YOU !!!

What's It All About?

8 years. that’s how long we spent conceptualizing, masterminding and fine-tuning a team-effort opt-in system — a social initiative — designed to bodyproud up society: individual by individual, large groups of people, team after team at a time. 

This comes after a DECADE+ of field experience that allowed us to grow a one community event into an international tour, complete with TV shows, magazine publications, consumer & trade expos, and talent agency. Being so immersed in the industry we became aware of obvious voids in the world we are living.  Those voids prompted our desire to course correct…and we came to realize the way to do it effectively, efficiently, ecologically and in the quickest way is by using a proven cash-reward system to UNITE key influencers of the fitness industry -- athletes, trainers, wellness professionals, entrepreneurs & promoters — who wish to contribute / participate / make a mark in society and leave a legacy as superheroes and superstars. 

Benefits to Participants:

  1. Gaining or enhancing belief and conviction in oneSelf, one’s dreams and one’s abilities 
  2. Exposure pathways AND platforms for those who wish to build (or rebuild) their brand, share their message, showcase their talents, and/or expand their circle of influence  
  3. Support network to voice one’s drive and make skills and talents seen
  4. Point-reward system to incentivize action for self and others: celebrity-style vacations, ca$h, trips and titles
  5. Systems to experience oneself bodyproud in new ways (under 10 days, for most) AND pathways to maintain it, enhance it and pass it on

To Put it In Perspective

Our names are Jeffrey Kippel and Mindy Blackstien. Many of you know / recognize us as being the innovators of the World Natural Sports Organization, FAME World Tour and all their related fitness entities.  That was our focus then.  This is our focus -- and passion -- now. And we're inviting you to be part of this with us.

Last time our reach was in the millions with many people focusing on their goals and stepping up to  their own plate. This time our vision is larger: 100 million.  That's 100 million of you who choose to experience yourself bodyproud in new ways: to love differently how U look, love differently how U feel, love the thoughts U think and love what your body can do. 



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